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Adapter bezicni 802.11N 600Mbs+antena 5dBi crni
2.309,00 din. 2.309,00 din. 2309.0 RSD
Selfie drzac za GoPro Hero 4s/4/3+3/2 plavi
3.739,00 din. 3.739,00 din. 3739.0 RSD
KVM switch 2-PC-a na isti monitor. mis I tastaturu kuciste
2.309,00 din. 2.309,00 din. 2309.0 RSD
Adapter HDMI F na F ugao 90°
249,00 din. 249,00 din. 249.0 RSD
Adapter DVI/M na HDMI/F
1.129,00 din. 1.129,00 din. 1129.0 RSD
Adapter DVI/F na HDMI/M
1.129,00 din. 1.129,00 din. 1129.0 RSD
Adapter bezicni LV-UW10S 7601 IC
1.019,00 din. 1.019,00 din. 1019.0 RSD
Adapter Type C na VGA/HDMI crni
3.099,00 din. 3.099,00 din. 3099.0 RSD
Adapter Type C - HDMI + VGA+DVI+USB 3.0 (4 in 1) beli
4.819,00 din. 4.819,00 din. 4819.0 RSD
Stap za GoPro sa stalkom i daljinskim upravljacem
509,00 din. 509,00 din. 509.0 RSD
Kabal microUSB na HDMI crni
849,00 din. 849,00 din. 849.0 RSD
Adapter VGA i AUDIO na HDMI M/F
1.559,00 din. 1.559,00 din. 1559.0 RSD
Adapter Mini DP na HDMI/DVI/DP F beli kratki
1.839,00 din. 1.839,00 din. 1839.0 RSD
Adapter Mini Displayport M na HDMI F beli
859,00 din. 859,00 din. 859.0 RSD
Adapter HDMI M/F ugao 270°
149,00 din. 149,00 din. 149.0 RSD
Adapter DP na VGA F
659,00 din. 659,00 din. 659.0 RSD
Adapter DP na DVI F
1.569,00 din. 1.569,00 din. 1569.0 RSD
Adapter bezicni MX MiraScreen
2.189,00 din. 2.189,00 din. 2189.0 RSD
Model: MX MiraScreen wireless adapter
Wireless: 802.11n 2.4Ghz
Weight: 15.6g
Function: Airplay, MiraCast, DLNA
Dimensions: 67 * 36 * 13mm
CPU: AM825x

MiraScreen 2.4G Wifi Display Receiver Miracast TV Dongle serves for Mirroring and Steaming Airplay support for MiraCast DLNA.
A WiFi receiver is a special device for WiFi reception by projecting and projecting content from your Smart phone / tablet / notebook to other large devices with an HD interface, such as a Smart HD TV, Monitor, projector, etc. Via WiFi connection.
Supports popular standards, such as Miracast, DLNA and Airplay, can enhance your HDTV / Projector / Monitor with HD input jack. In addition, the TV Stick has multiple features such as streaming video, web surfing, photo viewer, internet video and more, just to enjoy great display on multiple displays.
VGA na HDMI konvertor
2.039,00 din. 2.039,00 din. 2039.0 RSD
Adapter USB 3.0 na HDMI M/F beli
859,00 din. 859,00 din. 859.0 RSD