Green Cell PRO punjač / adapter za naizmeničnu struju za HP Envi Pavilion DV4 DV5 DV6 Compak CK61 CK62 19V 4.74A

Napon: 19V; Garancija: 36 meseci; Snaga: 90V; Amperaža: 4.74A; Veličina vrha: 7.4mm-5.0mm; Kabl za napajanje: GRATIS; Zaštita od pregrevanja: Da; Zaštita od prenapona: Da; Boja: Crna; Šifra proizvoda : AD15-P;

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Green Cell GCL.AD15P GCL.AD15P
Green Cell

Vraćanje u roku od 15 dana
Besplatna isporuka za iznos preko 5.000 din

Voltage: 19V;Warranty: 36 months;Power: 90W;Amperage: 4.74A;Tip size: 7.4mm-5.0mm;Power cable: GRATIS;Overheat protection: Yes;Surge protection: Yes;Colour: Black;Product code: AD15-P;Manufacturer: Green Cell ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : ;Compatible with following devices : HP Compaq 6730S,HP Compaq 6735S,HP ProBook 6570b,HP PPP014L,HP ProBook 6930p,HP Pavilion G6Z,HP ProBook 445,HP PAVILION DV6Z,HP Pavilion g7,HP G71T,HP Pavilion DV6Z,HP Pavilion G7Z,HP EliteBook 8740w,HP Pavilion M7,HP Pavilion DV3888NR,HP Probook 4540s,HP Pavilion DV3T,HP EliteBook 8770w,HP Pavilion DV6,HP Pavilion DV6T,HP Compaq Presario,HP Pavilion G6,HP Pavilion G6T,HP Pavilion DV7,HP Pavilion DV5,HP G61,HP G72,HP G72T,HP ProBook 6540B,HP ProBook 6545B,HP ProBook 6550B,HP ProBook 6555B,HP EliteBook 8540P,HP EliteBook 8540W,HP ProBook 430,HP ProBook 5330m,HP PPP012L,HP ProBook 4341s,HP Pavilion G4,HP 1000,HP 2000,HP 630,HP 631,HP 635,HP 636,HP 655,HP Compaq 430,HP Compaq 431,HP Envy 15,HP G32,HP Pavilion DM4,HP Pavilion DM4T,HP Pavilion DV3,HP Pavilion DV4,HP Pavilion DV4T,HP Pavilion DV7T,HP Pavilion G4T,HP Pavilion G6S,HP Pavilion G6X,HP Pavilion G7,HP Pavilion G7T,HP G70,HP G70T,HP G71,HP HDX X16,HP HDX X16T,HP HDX16,HP HDX16T,HP Pavilion DV4I,HP Pavilion DV4Z,HP Compaq 6830s,HP Compaq 6835s,HP Compaq 6710b,HP Compaq 6715b,HP Compaq 6910p,HP Compaq 8510w,HP Compaq 8710p,HP Compaq 8710w,HP Compaq nc6400,HP Compaq nw8440,HP Compaq nw9440,HP Compaq nx8410,HP Compaq nx8420,HP EliteBook 6930p,HP EliteBook 8530p,HP EliteBook 8730w,HP G42T,HP EliteBook 8440w,HP EliteBook 8460p,HP EliteBook 8460w,HP EliteBook 8470p,HP EliteBook 8470w,HP EliteBook 8560p,HP EliteBook 8560w,HP EliteBook 8570p,HP ProBook 6360b,HP ProBook 6560b,HP ProBook 6565b,HP ProBook 440,HP ProBook 450,HP ProBook 455,HP ProBook 470,HP ProBook 4420,HP ProBook 4421,HP ProBook 4421s,HP ProBook 4425,HP ProBook 4425s,HP EliteBook 8500,HP EliteBook 8700,HP ProBook 4710s,HP G42,HP G62,HP G62M,HP G62T,HP G62X,HP EliteBook 8540,HP ProBook 650,HP ProBook 655,HP EliteBook 8570w,HP EliteBook 8760w,HP EliteBook 2560p,HP EliteBook 850,HP ProBook 4341,HP ProBook 4430,HP ProBook 4430s,HP ProBook 4435s,HP ProBook 4436,HP ProBook 4436s,HP ProBook 4440,HP ProBook 4440s,HP ProBook 4441,HP ProBook 4441s,HP ProBook 4445,HP ProBook 4445s,HP ProBook 4446,HP ProBook 4446s,HP ProBook 4530,HP ProBook 4530S,HP ProBook 4535,HP ProBook 4535S,HP ProBook 4540,HP ProBook 4540S,HP ProBook 4545,HP ProBook 4545S,HP 340 G1,HP Envy DV4,HP Envy DV4T,HP Envy DV6,HP Envy DV6T,HP Envy DV6Z,HP Envy DV7,HP Envy M4,HP Envy M6,HP Pavilion M6,HP Pavilion M6T,HP HDX X18,HP Pavilion DV7Z,HP ProBook 4400,HP ProBook 4405,HP ProBook 4406,HP ProBook 4410t,HP ProBook 4411s,HP ProBook 4412,HP ProBook 4413,HP ProBook 4415s,HP ProBook 4416s,HP ProBook 4418,HP ProBook 4710,HP Compaq 6730,HP EliteBook 6900,HP EliteBook 6930,HP EliteBook 8400,HP EliteBook 8440p,HP ProBook 6400,HP ProBook 6440,HP ProBook 6440b,HP ProBook 6445,HP ProBook 6445b,HP ProBook 6450,HP ProBook 6450b,HP ProBook 6455b,HP ProBook 6535,HP ProBook 6540,HP ProBook 6545,HP ProBook 6550,HP ProBook 6555,HP Pavilion DM3,HP Compaq 6710p,HP Compaq 6710s,HP Compaq 6715s,HP Compaq 6900,HP Compaq 6900s,HP Compaq 6910,HP Compaq 6910b,HP Compaq 8510p,HP Compaq 8700,HP Compaq 8700s,HP Compaq nw8400,HP Compaq nw8420,HP Compaq nw9400,HP Compaq nw9420,HP Compaq nx8000,HP Compaq nx8220,HP 3105M,HP PA-1900,HP 2533T,HP 4410T,HP Compaq 2000,HP Compaq 2000s,HP Compaq 2200,HP Compaq 2210b,HP Compaq 2230,HP Compaq 2230b,HP Compaq 2230p,HP Compaq 2230s,HP Compaq 2400,HP Compaq 2400s,HP Compaq 2510p,HP Compaq 2710p,HP EliteBook 2760p,HP EliteBook 8570p-B6Q03EA,HP EliteBook 8730p,HP EliteBook 8760p,HP EliteBook 8770p,HP Envy 14,HP Envy 14T,HP Mobile Thin,HP Pavilion DV3000,HP Pavilion DV3001TX,HP Pavilion DV3002TX,HP Pavilion DV3003TX,HP Pavilion DV3004TX,HP Pavilion DV3005TX,HP Pavilion DV3005XX,HP Pavilion DV3006TX,HP Pavilion DV3006XX,HP Pavilion DV3007TX,HP Pavilion DV3007XX,HP Pavilion DV3008TX,HP Pavilion DV3009TX,HP Pavilion DV3010TX,HP Pavilion DV3011TX,HP Pavilion DV3012TX,HP Pavilion DV3013TX,HP Pavilion DV3014TX,HP Pavilion DV3015TX,HP Pavilion DV3016TX,HP Pavilion DV3017TX,HP Pavilion DV3018TX,HP Pavilion DV3019TX,HP Pavilion DV3020TX,HP Pavilion DV3021TX,HP Pavilion DV3022TX,HP Pavilion DV3023TX,HP Pavilion DV3024TX,HP Pavilion DV3025TX,HP Pavilion DV3026TX,HP Pavilion DV3027TX,HP Pavilion DV3028TX,HP Pavilion DV3029TX,HP Pavilion DV3029X,HP Pavilion DV3030TX,HP Pavilion DV3100,HP Pavilion DV3101TX,HP Pavilion DV3102TX,HP Pavilion DV3103TX,HP Pavilion DV3104TX,HP Pavilion DV3105TX,HP Pavilion DV3106TX,HP Pavilion DV3107TX,HP Pavilion DV3108TX,HP Pavilion DV3109TX,HP Pavilion DV3110TX,HP Pavilion DV3111TX,HP Pavilion DV3112TX,HP Pavilion DV3113TX,HP Pavilion DV3114TX,HP Pavilion DV3115TX,HP Pavilion DV3116TX,HP Pavilion DV3117TX,HP Pavilion DV3118TX,HP Pavilion DV3119TX,HP Pavilion DV3120TX,HP Pavilion DV3500,HP Pavilion DV3500EA,HP Pavilion DV3500EN,HP Pavilion DV3500ER,HP Pavilion DV3500T,HP Pavilion DV3501TX,HP Pavilion DV3502TX,HP Pavilion DV3503TX,HP Pavilion DV3504TX,HP Pavilion DV3505EA,HP Pavilion DV3505TX,HP Pavilion DV3505XX,HP Pavilion DV3506LA,HP Pavilion DV3506TX,HP Pavilion DV3507EA,HP Pavilion DV3507TX,HP Pavilion DV3508BR,HP Pavilion DV3508TX,HP Pavilion DV3509TX,HP Pavilion DV3510ER,HP Pavilion DV3510NR,HP Pavilion DV3510TX,HP Pavilion DV3511TX,HP Pavilion DV3512TX,HP Pavilion DV3513TX,HP Pavilion DV3514TX,HP Pavilion DV3515EE,HP Pavilion DV3515EF,HP Pavilion DV3515EI,HP Pavilion DV3515TX,HP Pavilion DV3516TX,HP Pavilion DV3517TX,HP Pavilion DV3518TX,HP Pavilion DV3519TX,HP Pavilion DV3520EA,HP Pavilion DV3520ER,HP Pavilion DV3520TX,HP Pavilion DV3521TX,HP Pavilion DV3522TX,HP Pavilion DV3523TX,HP Pavilion DV3524TX,HP Pavilion DV3525EF,HP Pavilion DV3525TX,HP Pavilion DV3526TX,HP Pavilion DV3527TX,HP Pavilion DV3528TX,HP Pavilion DV3529TX,HP Pavilion DV3530ES,HP Pavilion DV3530ET,HP Pavilion 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