AC adapter za punjač Green Cell PRO za Dell 130V / 19.5V 6.7A / 7.4mm-5.0mm

Napon: 19,5 V; Garancija: 36 meseci; Veličina vrha: 7,4 mm-5,0 mm; Kabl za napajanje: GRATIS; Zaštita od pregrevanja: Da; Zaštita od prenapona: Da; Boja: Crna; Šifra proizvoda: AD35-P; Proizvođač: GREEN ĆELIJA;

3.289,00 din. 3.289,00 din. 3289.0 RSD GCL.AD35P

2.740,83 din.

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    Green Cell GCL.AD35P GCL.AD35P
    Green Cell

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    Besplatna isporuka za iznos preko 5.000 din

    Voltage: 19.5V;Warranty: 36 months;Tip size: 7.4mm-5.0mm;Power cable: GRATIS;Overheat protection: Yes;Surge protection: Yes;Colour: Black;Product code: AD35-P;Manufacturer: Green Cell ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : ;Compatible with following devices : Dell Precision PP30LA001,Dell XPS PP14L,Dell X9366,Dell XPS 17,Dell Precision M4400,Dell Precision M4500,Dell Precision M2800,Dell Precision M6700,Dell Precision PP30L,Dell Precision PP30LA,Dell Inspiron XPS,Dell Precision M6300,Dell Precision M90,Dell XPS M170,Dell XPS M1710,Dell XPS P09E,Dell XPS P09E001,Dell XPS P09E002,Dell Inspiron PP08L,Dell Alienware 13,Dell Alienware P56G,Dell Alienware P56G001,Dell Alienware P56G002,Dell Inspiron 15,Dell Inspiron 5150,Dell Inspiron 5160,Dell Inspiron P57F,Dell Inspiron P57F002,Dell Inspiron PP07L,Dell Latitude 5179,Dell Latitude T04E,Dell Latitude T04E001,Dell Precision 3510,Dell Precision M3800,Dell Precision P22F,Dell Precision P22F001,Dell Precision P29F,Dell Precision P29F001,Dell Precision P31F,Dell Precision P31F001,Dell Precision P48F,Dell Precision P48F001,Dell Precision PP05XA,Dell XPS PP05XB,Dell 09Y819,Dell 0CM161,Dell 0D232H,Dell 0JU012,Dell 0JUO12,Dell 0MTMPN,Dell 0VJCH5,Dell 0VNM7N,Dell 0WRHKW,Dell 0X408G,Dell 0X7329,Dell 0X9366,Dell 2TXJ7,Dell 330,Dell 331,Dell 492,Dell 9Y819,Dell ADP,Dell CM161,Dell D232H,Dell DA130PE1,Dell FA130PE1,Dell JU012,Dell JUO12,Dell LA130PM121,Dell MTMPN,Dell NADP,Dell O9Y819,Dell OCM161,Dell OD232H,Dell OJU012,Dell OJUO12,Dell OMTMPN,Dell OVJCH5,Dell OVNM7N,Dell OWRHKW,Dell OX408G,Dell OX7329,Dell OX9366,Dell PA-1131,Dell PA,Dell VJCH5,Dell VNM7N,Dell WRHKW,Dell X408G,Dell X7329
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