Baterija Green Cell za Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A8620 A7620 D6830 D7800 D7830 / 14,4V 4400mAh

Green Cell Baterija za laptop Fujitsu Amilo D7800,Fujitsu Amilo D7830,Fujitsu Amilo D8830,Fujitsu Amilo L6820,Fujitsu Amilo L6825
Kapacitet: 4400 mAh; Napon: 14,8 V (14,4 V); Broj ćelija: 8

This product is no longer available.

Green Cell GCL.FS16 GCL.FS16
Green Cell

Vraćanje u roku od 15 dana
Besplatna isporuka za iznos preko 5.000 din

Capacity: 4400 mAh;Voltage: 14.8V (14.4V);Number of cells: 8;Type: Li-lon;Colour: Black;Overdischarge protection: Yes;Overcharge protection: Yes;Product code: FS16 ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : 23-UD4000-3A,23-UD4200-00,23-UD4410-3A,23UD40003A,23UD44103A,63-UD4023-40,63-UD4024-30,7014870000,7018480000,755-3S4000-S1P1,755-3S4400-S1P1,755-3S4400-S1S1,755-3S4400-S2M1,755-4S4000-C1S1,755-4S4000-S1P1,755-4S4000-S1S1,755-4S4000-S2M1,755-4S4000-S2S1,755-4S4000-SIPI,755-4s4000-spp1,755-4S4400-C1S1,755-4S4400-S1P1,755-4S4400-S2M1,755-4S4400-SIPI,7553S4000S1P1,7553S4400S1P1,7553S4400S1S1,7553S4400S2M1,7554S4000S1P1,7554S4000S2M1,7554S4400S2M1,755XX5,909-2220,A5527524,BP755,N755,UN755,XLB0065 ;Compatible with following devices : Fosa 755II,Gericom Hummer 755IAX,Gericom Hummer 755II0,Gericom Hummer 755II6,Gericom Hummer 755IIX,Max Group MaxNote,Max Station MaxBook,Maxdata Eco 3150X,Maxdata Eco 3200X,Maxdata Vision 4200X,Maxdata Vision 755,Mecer PowerX N755IA,Mecer PowerX N755II,Packard Bell Easy,ABS zForce F1,Amptron Eureka NB9755,Cyber Power Xployer,Elements U,Fujitsu 755II5,Fujitsu Amilo A7600,Fujitsu Amilo A7620,Fujitsu Amilo A8620,Fujitsu Amilo D6830,Fujitsu Amilo D7800,Fujitsu Amilo D7830,Fujitsu Amilo D8830,Fujitsu Amilo L6820,Fujitsu Amilo L6825,Gericom Hummer 30680,Gericom Hummer Advance,Gericom Hummer Extreme,Gericom Hummer Force,Gericom Hummer FX,Gericom Hummer N755,Hyperdata 7550,Hyperdata N755II0,Iridium Starbook 755,Iridium Starbook S755,Jetta JetBook 2300,Jetta JetBook 2300P,Jetta JetBook 755SI4,Max Computer MaxBook,Maxdata Eco 755,Maxdata M,Mecer N755,Mecer N755IA,Mecer N755II,NorthGate U755iA,NorthGate U755II,PC Club EnPower,Premier N755CI,Premier N755II1,Premier N755S1,Prestige Prestige 87503,RoverBook Voyager D512,Siemens Amilo A7600,Siemens Amilo A7620,Siemens Amilo A8620,Siemens Amilo D6830,Siemens Amilo D7830,Siemens Amilo D8830,Siemens Amilo L,Super Talent N755,Super Talent N755IA,Super Talent N755II,Super Talent N755INX,Systemax N755,Systemax N755II,Systemax N755II0,Systemax N755II1,Systemax Pursuit 2120,Targa Visionary XP,Tatung N755II8,Tsunami Moover 755,UBM Computer N755II,United Micro N755SI4,Uniwill N755,Uniwill N755CA5,Uniwill N755IA,Uniwill N755IA0,Uniwill N755IA6,Uniwill N755IAX,Uniwill N755II,Uniwill N755II0,Uniwill N755II1,Uniwill N755II5,Uniwill N755II8,Uniwill N755IIX,Uniwill N755in,Uniwill N755in0,Uniwill N755InchesX,User Easy 755II8,User Easy 755IN,Vega VegaPlus N755,X Technology N755IN,Xterasys XteraNote 755IA6,Xterasys XteraNote 755II8,Yakumo Q7M,Yamsan N755IIX,N755 XLB0065
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