Baterija za električne alate za Bosch O-Pack 3300K PSR 12VE-2 GSB 12 VSE-2

Kapacitet: 1500 mAh; Napon: 12V; Tehnologija ćelija: Ni-MH; Proizvođač ćelija: Green Cell; Tip: Ni-MH; Zaštita od prekomernog pražnjenja: Da; Zaštita od prekomernog punjenja: Da; Mogućnost povratka: Do 30 dana; Šifra proizvoda: PT12; Veličina: 100k113k80mm; Težina: 523g;

3.469,00 din. 3.469,00 din. 3469.0 RSD GCL.PT12

2.890,83 din.

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    Green Cell GCL.PT12 GCL.PT12
    Green Cell

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    Besplatna isporuka za iznos preko 5.000 din

    Capacity: 1500 mAh;Voltage: 12V;Cells technology: Ni-MH;Type: Ni-MH;Overdischarge protection: Yes;Overcharge protection: Yes;Product code: PT12;Size: 100x113x80mm;Weight: 523g ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : BAT139,2607335414,BAT049,2607335249,2607335261,2607335262,2607335273,2607335274,2607335374,2607335375,2607335395,2607335415,2607335416,2607335429,2607335430,2607335441,2607335454,2607335455,2607335463,2607335471,2607335487,2607335526,2607335527,2607335541,2607335542,2607335555,2607335609,2607335647,2607335649,2607335653,2607335667,2607335675,2607335676,2607335683,2607335684,2607335691,2607335692,2607335697,2607335709,2607335750,2607335879,2607355531,BAT043,BAT045,BAT046,BAT120 ;Compatible with following devices : Bosch SDI 120,2 607 335,Bosch 22612,Bosch 23612,Bosch 32612,Bosch 3360,Bosch 3360k,Bosch 33612,Bosch 3455,Bosch 34612,Bosch ABS 12,Bosch ABS,Bosch BACS 12,Bosch BT EXACT 12,Bosch BT EXACT 8,Bosch EXACT 700,Bosch EXACT 8,Bosch EXACT700,Bosch EXACT8,Bosch GDR 12,Bosch GDS 12,Bosch GLI 12,Bosch GSB 12,Bosch GSB 12VE,Bosch GSR 12,Bosch HDI 220,Bosch PAG 12,Bosch PAG 12V,Bosch PDR 12,Bosch PLI 12,Bosch PSB 12,Bosch PSB 12VE,Bosch PSR 12,Bosch PSR 1200,Bosch PSR 12VE,2 607 336,2 607 355,2 609 200,BAT 043,BAT 045,BAT 046,BAT 120,BAT 139
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