Green Cell® baterija 1822 1833 PA18 ZELENA CELL (2Ah 18V) za Makita 4334D 6343D 6347D 6349D 6390D 8390D 8391D

Kapacitet: 2Ah; Napon: 18V; Tehnologija ćelija: Ni-MH; Proizvođač ćelija: Green Cell; Boja: Czervoni; Zaštita od prekomernog pražnjenja: Da; Zaštita od prekomernog punjenja: Da; Mogućnost povratka: Do 30 dana; Šifra proizvoda: PT237; Lista kompatibilnosti :; Kompatibilna sa sledećim modelima baterija: 1835F, 193060-0,193159-1,1822,1823,1833,1834,1835,192827-3,192828-1, 192829-9,193061-8,193102-0,193140-2,193783-0, PA18,1820,1930600,1931591,1928273,1928281,1928299,1930618,1931020,1931402,1937830,193784-8,1937848,194105- 7,1941057,194107-3,1941073,194158-6,1941586; Kompatibilno sa sledećim uređajima: Makita 6317DVAE, Makita 6337DVAE, Makita 6934FDVDE, Makita BMR100, Makita 6347D, Makita 8443D, Makita 4334, Makita 4334D, Makita 4334 , Makita 4334DVD, Makita 4334DVDE, Makita 5026DA, Makita 5026DB, Makita 5026DVA, Makita 5026DVB, Makita 5026DVD, Makita 5026DVFE, Makita 5036DA, Makita 5036DB, Makita 5036DVA, Makita 5036DVD, Makita 5036DVD 5046DA, Makita 5046DB, Makita 5046DVA, Makita 5046DVB, Makita 5046DVD, Makita 5046DVDE, Makita 5046DVFE, Makita 5620DVD, Makita 5621DVA, Makita 5621DVD, Makita 5621RDVA, Makita 6343D, Makita 6343DB Makita 6347DVAE, Makita 6347DVDE, Makita 6347DVDLE, Makita 6347DVFE, Makita 6349DVDE, Makita 6349DVFE, Makita 6390DVAE, Makita 6391DVAE, Makita 6936FD, Makita 6936FDVDE, Makita 8390 , Makita 8443DVDE, Makita 8443DVFE, Makita 8444DVDE, Makita 8444DVFE, Makita 8444DZ, Makita 9452, Makita DK1016DL, Makita DK1021DL, Makita DK1024D, Makita DK1033DL, Makita DK2R1 JR180DVBE, Makita JR180DVD, Makita JR180DVDE, Makita LS711D, Makita LS711DVA, Makita LS711DVBEK, Makita LS711DZ, Makita LS800D, Makita LS800DVA, Makita LS800DVAE LS700DVAE LS700 L183, Makita SC190DVDE, Makita UB181D, Makita UB181DZ, Makita 6933FDVE, Makita 6933FDVDE, Makita 4334DZ, Makita 5620D, Makita 5620DVA, Makita 5620DVB, Makita 5621D, Makita 5621RD, Makita 5621RV Makita 6349D, Makita 6390D, Makita 6390DVPE, Makita 6390DZ, Makita 6391D, Makita 6391DVPE, Makita 6391DVPE3, Makita 6933FDKS2, Makita 6934FDVAE, Makita 6934FDKS, Makita 6936FDVFE, Makita 6936FDZ , Makita 8391DZ, Makita 8444D, Makita 8444DVDE3, ​​Makita 8444DVFE3, Makita DK1032DL, Makita DK1034D, Makita DK1052DL, Makita JR180DZ, Makita LS711DVB, Makita ML180

4.459,00 din. 4.459,00 din. 4459.0 RSD GCL.PT237

3.715,83 din.

    This combination does not exist.

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    Green Cell GCL.PT237 GCL.PT237
    Green Cell

    Vraćanje u roku od 15 dana
    Besplatna isporuka za iznos preko 5.000 din

    Capacity: 2Ah;Voltage: 18V;Cells technology: Ni-MH;Colour: Czerwony;Overdischarge protection: Yes;Overcharge protection: Yes;Product code: PT237;Manufacturer: Green Cell ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : 1835F,193060-0,193159-1,1822,1823,1833,1834,1835,192827-3,192828-1,192829-9,193061-8,193102-0,193140-2,193783-0,PA18,1820,1930600,1931591,1928273,1928281,1928299,1930618,1931020,1931402,1937830,193784-8,1937848,194105-7,1941057,194107-3,1941073,194158-6,1941586 ;Compatible with following devices : Makita 6317DWAE,Makita 6337DWAE,Makita 6934FDWDE,Makita BMR100,Makita 6347D,Makita 8443D,Makita 4334,Makita 4334D,Makita 4334DWA,Makita 4334DWAE,Makita 4334DWD,Makita 4334DWDE,Makita 5026DA,Makita 5026DB,Makita 5026DWA,Makita 5026DWB,Makita 5026DWD,Makita 5026DWFE,Makita 5036DA,Makita 5036DB,Makita 5036DWA,Makita 5036DWB,Makita 5036DWD,Makita 5036DWFE,Makita 5046DA,Makita 5046DB,Makita 5046DWA,Makita 5046DWB,Makita 5046DWD,Makita 5046DWDE,Makita 5046DWFE,Makita 5620DWD,Makita 5621DWA,Makita 5621DWD,Makita 5621RDWA,Makita 6343D,Makita 6343DBE,Makita 6343DWA,Makita 6343DWB,Makita 6343DWDE,Makita 6343DWFE,Makita 6347DWAE,Makita 6347DWDE,Makita 6347DWDLE,Makita 6347DWFE,Makita 6349DWDE,Makita 6349DWFE,Makita 6390DWAE,Makita 6391DWAE,Makita 6936FD,Makita 6936FDWDE,Makita 8390,Makita 8390D,Makita 8390DWAE,Makita 8391,Makita 8391D,Makita 8391DP31D,Makita 8443DWAE,Makita 8443DWDE,Makita 8443DWFE,Makita 8444DWDE,Makita 8444DWFE,Makita 8444DZ,Makita 9452,Makita DK1016DL,Makita DK1021DL,Makita DK1024D,Makita DK1033DL,Makita DK2000D,Makita JR180,Makita JR180D,Makita JR180DWA,Makita JR180DWAE,Makita JR180DWB,Makita JR180DWBE,Makita JR180DWD,Makita JR180DWDE,Makita LS711D,Makita LS711DWA,Makita LS711DWBEK,Makita LS711DZ,Makita LS800D,Makita LS800DWA,Makita LS800DWAE,Makita LS800DWB,Makita LS800DWBE,Makita LS800DWD,Makita LS800DZ,Makita LS800WB,Makita ML183,Makita SC190DWDE,Makita UB181D,Makita UB181DZ,Makita 6933FDWE,Makita 6933FDWDE,Makita 4334DZ,Makita 5620D,Makita 5620DWA,Makita 5620DWB,Makita 5621D,Makita 5621RD,Makita 5621RDWDE,Makita 5621RDZ,Makita 6343DWAE,Makita 6347DWDE3,Makita 6347DZ,Makita 6349D,Makita 6390D,Makita 6390DWPE,Makita 6390DZ,Makita 6391D,Makita 6391DWPE,Makita 6391DWPE3,Makita 6933FDX2,Makita 6934FDWAE,Makita 6934FDX,Makita 6936FDWFE,Makita 6936FDZ,Makita 8390DWPE,Makita 8390DWPE3,Makita 8390DZ,Makita 8391DWPE,Makita 8391DWPETK,Makita 8391DZ,Makita 8444D,Makita 8444DWDE3,Makita 8444DWFE3,Makita DK1032DL,Makita DK1034D,Makita DK1052DL,Makita JR180DZ,Makita LS711DWB,Makita ML180
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