Green Cell 58-000049 Baterija za Amazon Kindle Papervhite II 2013 ili Amazon Kindle Papervhite III 2015

Kapacitet: 1600mAh; Napon: 3,7V; Proizvođač ćelija: Green Cell; Mogućnost povrata: do 30 dana; Šifra proizvoda: RE04;

1.469,00 din. 1.469,00 din. 1469.0 RSD GCL.RE04

1.224,17 din.

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    Green Cell GCL.RE04 GCL.RE04
    Green Cell

    Vraćanje u roku od 15 dana
    Besplatna isporuka za iznos preko 5.000 din

    Capacity: 1600mAh;Voltage: 3.7V;Product code: RE04;Manufacturer: Green Cell ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : 58-000049,58000049,MC-354775-05,MC35477505,S13-R1-D,S13R1D,S13-R1-S,S13R1S ;Compatible with following devices : Amazon Kindle Paperwhite,Amazon Kindle B0D4,Amazon Kindle 90D4,Amazon Kindle B05A,Amazon Kindle 905A,Amazon Kindle B0D5,Amazon Kindle 90D5,Amazon Kindle B0D6,Amazon Kindle 90D6,Amazon Kindle B0D7,Amazon Kindle 90D7,Amazon Kindle B0D8,Amazon Kindle 90D8,Amazon Kindle B0F2,Amazon Kindle 90F2,Amazon Kindle B017,Amazon Kindle 9017,Amazon Kindle B060,Amazon Kindle 9060,Amazon Kindle B062,Amazon Kindle 9062,Amazon Kindle B05F,Amazon Kindle 905F,Amazon Kindle BOD4,Amazon Kindle 9OD4,Amazon Kindle BO5A,Amazon Kindle 9O5A,Amazon Kindle BOD5,Amazon Kindle 9OD5,Amazon Kindle BOD6,Amazon Kindle 9OD6,Amazon Kindle BOD7,Amazon Kindle 9OD7,Amazon Kindle BOD8,Amazon Kindle 9OD8,Amazon Kindle BOF2,Amazon Kindle 9OF2,Amazon Kindle BO17,Amazon Kindle 9O17,Amazon Kindle BO6O,Amazon Kindle 9O6O,Amazon Kindle BO62,Amazon Kindle 9O62,Amazon Kindle BO5F,Amazon Kindle 9O5F,Amazon Kindle DP75SDI,Amazon Kindle G090,Amazon Kindle G090G1,Amazon Kindle G090G2,Amazon Kindle G090G5,Amazon Kindle G090G6,Amazon Kindle G090G7,Amazon Kindle B00QJDS7I4,Amazon Kindle B00OQWXMNU,Amazon Kindle B00QJE3MGU,Amazon Kindle B00OQVZDJM
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